And hello to you too!

1623575_10153801181265034_43245200_nGreetings! And as was said on geocities back in the 90s, thanks for dropping by.

I’m a Sydney based content producer/photographer working in the online space. I bring geocities up, not because I had one, but because the era of geocities sits beside my fascination with building custom HTML code for websites and web profiles on the digital timeline using cringeworthy usernames that shall never be mentioned.

My photography is predominantly self taught, but I have received further instruction via RMIT University and the Australian Centre of Photography.

Being technical and creative, you’ll find that my site is a slashy: photography slash digital insughts. Capturing day to day life and the quirks of the environment around us through my images, and noting the ever-changing digital landscape through my blog.

Hot topics: privacy, engagement, copyright and convergence.

Feel free to contact me if you’re after commercial work or leave any feedback through my blog comments.

x Paula


  • Content production ( 100% )
  • Photo editing/Digital imaging ( 100% )
  • HTML & CSS ( 90% )
  • Digital marketing (SEO/Content) ( 90% )