Tim Berners-Lee speaks at Sydney Town Hall, Feb 5th 2013


  The man knighted by the Queen and recognised as the inventor of the World Wide Web visited Sydney Town Hall this evening to speak and debate issues relating to how the web has revolutionised the everyday life of citizens today. Tim BL only had 20 jam packed minutes to go over his invention, which he did so with amusing anecdotes. After coming up with the concept, he was told to write a memo about it, which he did later on and received the feedback that his idea was “vague,... Read The Rest →

Coloured Dye Photography


My short attempt at a Project 366 this year (ended due to being an insatiable photographer) did yield some fun images. To photograph coloured ink, I used coloured food dye and an eye dropper and shot with a macro lens. It really only took a drop or two for a dramatic colour to appear. For the swirling smoke effect, stir the liquid prior to adding the drop of dye. Some of the Definitely want to shoot more coloured dye photography in the future. Was fun and not as messy as... Read The Rest →

Wandering the Streets of Ultimo


Suburb: Ultimo, Sydney Fun fact: Ultimo was so named because of a clerical error on estate owner Dr. John Harris’ legal case. His offence was listed as ‘Ultimo’, meaning having occurred in the previous month rather than ‘Instant’. Enjoy the pics!    


Camera: Pentax Asahi
Film: Fujifilm Provia 400X E-6 35mm Slide
PP: Resize + Sharpen

I love Australia Zoo. Steve Irwin did the world and all the animals a favour when he started this zoo. Animals in the zoo have wide open spaces to roam. Lots of animal interaction as well – animal feedings, eagle stroking, crocodile catching. Hope to return again one day. It’s a tourist haunt, but still there is enough space to shoot without humans appearing on the film (if you exclude human elements like fencing and pavement..).   Probably didn’t do the slide film justice this day. Adding to Bucket List:... Read The Rest →

Creative Commons for Instagram


If, like me, you have images that you want to be shared and reused by the rest of the world – you can now choose to license your Instagram images under Creative Commons license. Sure you could have probably stated this in your profile, but with i-am-cc.org, your images can now be added to a central database so that they can be found more easily by other users or people looking for images to use. Do keep in mind that by joining i-am-cc.org, your images will be in the system... Read The Rest →

Deep Sea Creatures: Vivid Sydney 2012


Delighted at the end of a long week to see one of my photos from Vivid Sydney 2012 splashed across the Vivid Sydney Facebook Page and Walls: The fun things you can do with a $3 cable release! Seriously, you should get one. Have a great weekend Sydney!

Are gamers more social?

South Park WOW

I must admit I’m not much of a stereotypical gamer. Or a gamer at all. Does playing Monopoly count these days? One question that appealed to me in the week of studying digital games is the view of games being a social activity. Here’s something to ask yourself (courtesy of my Uni tutor, Eleanor): What do you think makes a game ‘social’ – is it the type of game, who you play it with, or something else? (Is there a line between playing and being social, or are they part... Read The Rest →

Everything is a Remix – A Collection of Videos

Kill Bill Homage

On music last week, I came across a lot of great videos on YouTube covering the remix culture within music. Here are some of the highlights: Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. Part 2 of the Series above, this video touches on remixes in film: Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. An extended extrapolation of the Kill Bill references from Everything is a Remix Pt 2: Axis of Awesome’s 4 Chord Song, showing how most of the popular songs in... Read The Rest →

Digitisation and Being a Pirate


This week, we looked at music. It’s been a topic I have looked forward to discussing, as through online platforms like MySpace (which funnily enough, I am no longer a member of), I was able to connect to many commercially successful artists as a fan and able to meet them personally, attend their gigs for free and bring my friends too. In hindsight, you can easily see this was a great way to promote themselves in cities across the world – connect with your biggest fans with followers and let... Read The Rest →

Digitisation and convergence in Film Quotes – #WEB207


Rather than answering the uni questions, I want to highlight some of my favourite quotes from readings this week. From Desktop Productions: Digital Distribution and Public Film Cultures (Chuck Tryon, 2009): “Somebody else’s straw is in our milkshake, and they’re drinking it up. That straw is movie theft” - John Fithian on Piracy. “Hollywood [is an] old guard hopelessly stuck in the past, aware perhaps that the game has changed bu unprepared to do anything – other than making draconian but ultimately ineffective legal and technological effort — to adjust.”... Read The Rest →

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