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First week of Photography Class!

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I finally signed up to take some hands on photography classes with the Australian Centre of Photography. I was able to bypass the first course for beginners and head straight to Camera Craft 2, a course to help you become familiar with different legends of photography, the rules of photography, breaking the rules of photography, colour and temperature of light and the different genres. A lot for 5 weeks of shooting!

First week we touched upon the different types of lighting – front lighting, side lighting and backlit photography and how they affect different textures. Here are some of my images from the first week:

[Above] More frontal lighting and higher exposure setting. Produces a more softer light and the face has more highlights than it does shadows.

[Above] Lighting still ranges on the softer side

[Above] Harsh side lighting. Obvious differentiation of the two sides of the faces.

Studio Set Up (i.e., the Kitchen!)

I’ve always been very DIY, so here is a look at how the images were set up. I used my pantry cupboard for the background, studio lighting kits (5400K Energy Saving Bulbs) and two coloured plastic cutting boards taped over the lamps. All other lighting in the apartment was switched off. Unfortunately there was a bit of white light leaking out, as can be seen in the image above, but this was rectified the next day with cellophane (which I highly recommend you keeping an eye on at all times in case it gets overheated.

I also took some images around Marrickville for part of a community project – to shoot an area you’re familiar with. I am fascinated my facades of buildings past, so it was very fun to wander about and take photographs.

OMG, It’s crazy Coffee & Nuts!

More posts to come!!

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