Tiny People: Woman on beach

Not even a day has passed and I’m hooked on shooting little people! Miniature series Part One established the setting of spring, a prelude to the summer to come. The Little People are getting at one with nature, stripping down and enjoying all that nature has to give.

The more I shoot them, the more i find that they’re developing characters of their own. One day I might wake up to them standing over my face, and I won’t know what to do.

Nude Miniatures

Sunday brought on another gorgeous day in Sydney, so the little people got out their, err.. birthday suits for the water. Click on the images to see in full size.

Little People at their Miniature Beach

Down by the Beach

Little People at their Miniature Beach

Gazing out to sea

Deck chair silhouettes

Deck chair silhouettes 

Little People - By The Pool

“Love, bring us another beer?”

The Hard Working Miniatures

These little guys just don’t give up. Their little world is growing faster by the minute, and they’re doing their bit in making it grow.

Little People - Miniature Photography

Putting the final touch in the making of a camera.

Little People - Miniature Photography

Ensuring the bases of the Nerf Towers were built as per instructions

Little Construction People - Miniature Photography

Little People constructing the Nerf Towers

Little People Taking Out The Trash

Cleaning up during the construction of the Nerf Towers

If you’re interested in having a scene created, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below!


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