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Oh, it’s May already?

Wahey, and so it is May! With full time work and back to Uni, it’s been a forever struggle to balance both. At some point, I’ve also got to fit in some time for life!

Some highlights since the last update:

  • Studying Camera Craft 2 at the Australian Centre of Photography – beginning to get formal training so I can begin my own studio work. Definitely interested in taking up lighting and assistant work next.

  • Bought my first car! A friend named him Gulliver, after Gulliver’s Travels. A vehicle for a little person. Bought a wetsuit too so I can snorkel and take underwater photos for longer.
  • Attended Anthony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ seminar, a life changing experience – faced fears and walked on fire! Had many great pivotal moments as well.

Some lowlights:

  • Gulliver being damaged by a passerby within a week of being bought. Someone purposely smashed my side mirror when my car was parked overnight outside my house =(
  • My cameras sensor malfunctioning. After 6 years, it has had a good life. Due to upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark III in July, yay!
  • Winter starting way too early – BRRRR!

While I may not have been blogging too often, you can still follow me on my photographic journey on Tumblr or Instagram (username: Mixy). Will update my film journey soon as well!

Keep shooting,


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