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Second Week of Photography Class

So I had made it past the first week.

At the start of week 2, we’re all to print out and share our images. It is important to have the image printed out on paper, as the images are very different when back-lit by computer screens. I learned the silly way, that there are two sides to matte photography paper, and if you use the wrong side, your images will look like shit!

Oops.. What happens when you print on the wrong side of photo paper (RIGHT)

We received criticism and edited our images to select star items that would be deemed worthy to appear in the future student show. Through this process, I learned that a lot of my images I focus a lot on detail, whereas the images are just as (or if not, moreso) powerful if shot in a wider angle. I’ve been moving closer in on subjects and miss out on telling a story with my images instead of showing the whole picture. The print above on the left was one of the images that was narrowed down to the final edit.

After criticism, we started with week 2 lessons on light balances, and using the manual options available via the camera (instead of using auto-balance all the time). So this also involved going over the temperature scale and the temperature of light during different parts of the day, understanding different light sources (tungsten, fluorescence, candlelight, etc..) and how to use different light sources and temperature to create moods in your images.

For our assignment, we were to shoot our local community again, as well as environments with varied light sources at different times of the day using suitable balance modes.

Shot at 5100K

Shot at 6750K

Using light to create moods in a film sequence:

Mobile phone screen as a light source

Not so creepy now, just a guy being silly. Light source: lamp. (I love lamp).

Sinister. Light source: Fairy lights.

Shooting the community at different times of the day:

Time: Morning. Light Balance: Daylight. (Apartment Staircase)

Time: Late morning. Light balance: Daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney)

Time: Late morning. Light balance: Daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney). Best viewed enlarged - click on image.

Time: Late morning. Light balance: Daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney). Best viewed enlarged - click on image.

Peeling signs, shadows created with side-lit light source. Time: Late morning. Light balance: daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney).

Time: Midday. Light: Harsh. Asphalt appears bleached. (East Sydney, Sydney)

Time: Late afternoon. Light balance: daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney)

Time: Late afternoon. Light balance: daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney)

Time: Dawn. Light Source: Fluorescence. Light balance: daylight. (Marrickville, Sydney). (NOTE: Lots of image blur trying to be sly. Need to practice photo ninja skills.)

And finally, an image that doesn't require location. Time: sunset. Underexposed to show correct lighting as backlit sign was throwing off the light meter.

Am welcome to hear any additional feedback – hit me up in my comments!

x Paula

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