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Taking out the Go Pro for Go Karting

Go Karting with the Go Pro - Screenshot

I have finally had a few opportunities to take out Nick’s Go Pro camera. Video is definitely not my forte! Despite also being the one chosen to film family events, creating anything cinematographic is something that won’t be happening in the near future.

The first time I took it out, was for Valley Stampede (video is still being uploaded). Last Friday, I got to take the Go Pro out for some Go Karting action. Check out the vid:


What I’ve learned using the Go Pro:

  • Check that the camera is turned on – While this sounds like a basic principle, this is a common Go Pro mistake. Especially when there is a lot of action involved, checking that you’ve got the camera recording from the get go means you don’t have to worry about it later, or worse – get to the end of a stint and discover you hadn’t recorded in the first place
  • Actively look at what you’d want to have shot – It’s so easy to miss out on footage because you can see things happening in your peripheral vision. While you can see the action happening, at times, the camera won’t
  • Keep your focus – when capturing people, you’re used to looking away and not actively looking at their face. Like the point above, if you know you want to be recording someone saying or doing something – keep looking directly at them!
  • Adjust the camera accordingly – The headset can be tilted at all angles. A couple of times while running in Valley Stampede, my camera got knocked about and pointed up at the sky, sometimes just capturing peoples heads and the sky. If you have knocked it about a bit, it’s worthwhile taking it off to re-adjust and re-mount
  • Clean the camera! – In Valley Stampede, I had 15 minutes of muddy footage. Yup, another basic principle. Getting into any kind of dirt (dirt biking anyone?), check on your camera in quiet moments. You’d be surprised at how dirty it can get and cover up your footage.
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