Brrrr! As the weather gets cooler, there are less reasons for Sydney-siders to venture out. This season has been immensely cooler than previous years (at least to my liking!) and winter hasn’t even begun. There needs to be a valid excuse for us to leave the couch and the duvet at home. Enter Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney 2011

Lugging the camera out in the cold, besides passion, needs to be the promise of something shiny. Like a shiny Opera House? Or a shiny Customs Building!? Maybe something shiny I can also climb on!

This years Vivid has shown itself to be much more interactive and child friendly (extending to the music lineup with Yo Gabba Gabba). I’m sure that means something to anyone that has kids. There are light sculptures encouraging all to touch (but not to please the work of art) and installations allowing the public to paint the MCA with flashes of lit colour.

It’s not too overcrowded, even on the weekends, so there is a great opportunity for snappers to get out there and experiment with angles and long exposures without someone getting in the way. And even if they do, the lights make an enjoyable viewing experience nonetheless.

My only disappointment this year has been in the ticket selling of highlight act, The Cure. Selling out in three minutes, a large number of fans have lost out to ticket scalpers selling prized seats for up to $6k a pop. (Would have been a nice birthday gift for yours truly, but I will listen to Lovesong lovingly wearing headphones to sleep that night.)

I had an impromptu visit to see some of the installations over the weekend, so took some snaps with the HTC Desire:

Vivid Sydney 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

The Vivid Sydney Lights, Music and Ideas festival runs until the 13th June 2011 with many family friendly and free events to check out.

Happy snapping!

x P

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