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When Will the Canon MK III be Launched?

This is the question on most Canon fanboi’s lips. Speculation from Canon Rumors predicts this week to be coming of the Canon 5D MKIII. The camera model was originally predicted for late 2011, then late February.

New images from the Canon Rumors site show stage sets with Canon branding, as well as a shoddy photoshopped invite to a Canon event (seriously, check out the lens flare):

As this has been constantly predicted time and time again, I won’t be holding my breath tomorrow. I tried cheekily to see if they would reveal anything, but got the reply:

Hey Mixy, we do not comment on possible product releases. However, once a product is officially announced, you will hear from us.”

So who knows, maybe we’ll hear from them tomorrow, maybe it’s another load of… . Ahem.

If you’reĀ  interested in reading more about the rumoured specs, check out:


** UPDATE **

The Twitterverse unveiled the accidental Canon 5DMKII product page on Ted’s Cameras website:

Click on image to expand view

Click on image to expand view

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