The Nitty Gritty

Location: Belmore Falls, Wildes Meadow
Distance: ~2.4 km
Trail style: Ciruit
Grade: Easy

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Highlights of this trail:

  • Belmore Falls
  • Belmore Falls Lookout
  • Close to nearby walks in nearby Budderoo National Park and Macquaries Pass

One of the most photographed waterfalls in the Southern Highlands, Belmore Falls is a short hike that can be combined with other walks in the area.

Getting there

Drive down Belmore Falls Road and take the signed turn off for Belmore Falls Lookout. Limited spaces at the car park are available, as are pit toilets and picnic tables.

Sign at Belmore Falls Lookout

Photos of the trail

Unfortunately this lovely location is littered with rubbish from visitors, so exact trail information won’t be given. But once you’re on the trail, the path itself is visible and easy to navigate. Some phone pics of the trail:


Near the top of the trail Fallen trees on the trail Rock overhangs on the trail

At the bottom of Belmore Falls

Photo from the second level of the waterfall:Belmore Falls

Disclaimer: Be smart and prepare for the conditions of the day. This site accepts no responsibility for any misfortunes. 


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