The Nitty Gritty

Lincolns Rock (aka Flat Rock)

Located on Little Switzerland Drive (see map)

Fort Rock

Location: Blackheath
Distance: 1.6 km
Trail style: Return
Grade: Easy
Starting Point: End of Bundarra Street, Blackheath (see map)

Centennial Glen/Pass

Location: Blackheath
Distance: 5.4 km
Trail style: Circuit
Grade: Hard
Starting Point: End of Bundarra Street, Blackheath (see map)

One weekend, we had the brilliant idea of waking up early to see the sunrise at Lincolns Rock. Waking up at ridiculous o’clock didn’t pay out for us, because there was no spectacular sunrise with the dreamy colours you usually see. It just got lighter, as if someone was watching us on TV and turned up the brightness.

We parked just before Little Switzerland Drive and made it on foot down the track to Lincolns Rock, about 200 m away. Hence why I have no hiking details for it, because it’s not exactly a hike if you’ve parked this close. The attraction to this one particular spot is that it’s a little like the Wedding Cake rock – nice and flat, while overlooking a gorgeous view.

After Lincolns Rock, we drove to Evans Lookout and walked the Rodriguez trail to Beauchamp Falls – no images here as I didn’t want to carry my camera, but you can check them out on my Instagram account.

Then if two sites weren’t enough, we decided to venture on towards Blackheath to hit up two more trails – Fort Rock and Centennial Glen. These two trails share a common path, so if you love to walk, it’s always good to pair up nearby walks to get the most out of a location. Fort Rock is a relatively easy trail, with websites giving a time of 1 hour (it felt more like 15 minutes).  Once you reach Fort Rock, it’s a nice place to sit and have lunch before embarking on Centennial Glen, a more harder trail with waterfalls and slippery slopes. This trail is also popular with rock climbers, as you will see when you come across climbing hooks and chalk along the cliff walls.


Space landscapes @ Lincoln Rock Space landscapes @ Lincoln Rock Sunrise @ Lincoln Rock Sunrise @ Lincoln Rock Space landscapes @ Lincoln Rock Yoga @ Lincoln Rock Back burned trees @ Lincoln Rock Black galahs (or cockatoos) @ Lincoln Rock

Waterfall on the Centennial Glen trail Fort Rock Path overlooking the valley near Fort Rock Grose Valley from Evans Head lookout

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