The Nitty Gritty

Mt Banks Summit

Location: Blue Mountains National Park
Distance: 1.2 km
Trail style: One way
Grade: Medium

Although graded medium, I found this walk relatively easy. It is isolated yet open with views across Grose Valley. It’s also amazing to look at the rock faces and realise that these valleys used to be under water. Crazy huh?

We used a map tat we found online, but it was a little confusing. We reached a monument, and then the trail disappeared down a steep cliff which we decided not to descend for fear of dying.

Baltzer Lookout – Hanging Rock

Location: Blue Mountains National Park
Distance: 7.6 km
Trail style: Return
Grade: Hard

The way to Baltzer Lookout is a flat fire-trail, so relatively easy. Once you get to Baltzer Lookout, it’s honestly okay to stop here and enjoy the views of the valley without venturing that extra bit further to Hanging Rock. Although, venturing to Hanging Rock may be worth it if you want a photograph of yourself on the iconic rock – but we opted not to as the descent was a little steep and would have required rope for safety measures.


Climbing towards Mt Banks Upwards and onwards towards Mt Banks Lizard on Mt Banks Tree tunnel on the way to Baltzer Lookout View from Baltzer Lookout View from Baltzer Lookout View from Baltzer Lookout Deliriously dancing atop Baltzer Lookout

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