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VIDEO: Diving with Australian Fur Seals at Barunguba (Montague Island), Narooma – Dive 2

Earlier this month I posted our first dive in Barunguba, which is also known as Montague Island and is situated approximately 9 kilometres south east of the town of Narooma. You can check out the first video and how to get there in my previous post.

We completed two dives on our first day and the surface interval was broken up with delicious tea and homemade muffins from Clover at Underwater Safaris – highly recommend that you hit them up for your diving needs if you’re ever in town. Check out their feature on the Australia Instagram account too:

On our second dive, we stayed in the same location but just headed a different direction.

Diving Highlights

  • Eel
  • Fiddler ray
  • School of squid

Watch the Video

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