Tim Berners-Lee speaks at Sydney Town Hall, Feb 5th 2013


  The man knighted by the Queen and recognised as the inventor of the World Wide Web visited Sydney Town Hall this evening to speak and debate issues relating to how the web has revolutionised the everyday life of citizens today. Tim BL only had 20 jam packed minutes to go over his invention, which he did so with amusing anecdotes. After coming up with the concept, he was told to write a memo about it, which he did later on and received the feedback that his idea was “vague,... Read The Rest →

Girl Geek Dinner Sydney – June 30th 2011

Girl Geek Dinner Sydney - Wining!

Had the opportunity to attend another Girl Geek Dinner Sydney event hosted by Google Australia and kindly sponsored by Suncorp. It was entirely different to my first GGDSydney experience – attendees were give badges with icons (I had Opera, pfft!), and we had to meet other women with the same icons, network and work as a team to create the tallest tower out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. Despite the fun had, most groups like my own had decrepit looking Bambi like structures flat-lined parallel to the floor.   Keynote... Read The Rest →

Breaking my Girl Geek Dinner virginity

  Many page caches ago, I commented on how I had discovered Girl Geek Dinners and how I hadn’t thought myself a geeky enough girl to attend. This was almost two years ago! // Coming from an entirely different industry (albeit, science is still nerdy and full awesome jokes), my own social circle returned a value of null girl geeks. Having just started uni (but coding for close to a decade), one often things, am I geeky enough? // So when a close friend of my partners invite me to... Read The Rest →

Learning the basics of Javascript with OzGDI

The second series of OzGDI (Girl Develop It) kicked off last night with an introduction to Javascript. Hosted by Cathy Lill, a front-end developer with Yahoo!, girls from all levels and industries got together to learn the basics of JS – statements, variables and functions, and how to get your scripts showing in browser consoles to ensure our scripts were without error. // // Like with any kind of programming, it was important that we started from scratch – learning how to hand code in text editing programs (rather than... Read The Rest →

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