Creative Commons for Instagram


If, like me, you have images that you want to be shared and reused by the rest of the world – you can now choose to license your Instagram images under Creative Commons license. Sure you could have probably stated this in your profile, but with, your images can now be added to a central database so that they can be found more easily by other users or people looking for images to use. Do keep in mind that by joining, your images will be in the system... Read The Rest →

Deep Sea Creatures: Vivid Sydney 2012


Delighted at the end of a long week to see one of my photos from Vivid Sydney 2012 splashed across the Vivid Sydney Facebook Page and Walls: The fun things you can do with a $3 cable release! Seriously, you should get one. Have a great weekend Sydney!

Vivid Sydney 2012

Vivid Lights

Besides attending some of the ideas talks for Vivid Sydney, I was also able to attend some of the music nights (Florence and The Machine UK and the Ceremonial Orchestra; LCD Soundsystem – Shut up and play the hits!) and shoot the lights! In its fourth year, the Vivid Festival gave lots of eye candy for photographers to snap and interact with. It was one of the first times that I used my cheap cable release ($3!) from eBay, and it was actually more fun to take the photos, especially... Read The Rest →

Gotye Memes


Seriously, cannot stop laughing over Gotye memes. Believe me, I love the song and all, but I think it’s even better remashed on the web into a series of interpretive humour. Here are some of my favourites that have been floating around Facebook:     From the Triple J Facebook Page:   From Triple J’s news page: And I may have made one for the lulz: Ah. I’m glad i’m getting this out of my system! Feel free to add!

Second Week of Photography Class

Whta happens when you print on the wrong side of photo paper [RIGHT]

So I had made it past the first week. At the start of week 2, we’re all to print out and share our images. It is important to have the image printed out on paper, as the images are very different when back-lit by computer screens. I learned the silly way, that there are two sides to matte photography paper, and if you use the wrong side, your images will look like shit! We received criticism and edited our images to select star items that would be deemed worthy to... Read The Rest →

First week of Photography Class!


It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I finally signed up to take some hands on photography classes with the Australian Centre of Photography. I was able to bypass the first course for beginners and head straight to Camera Craft 2, a course to help you become familiar with different legends of photography, the rules of photography, breaking the rules of photography, colour and temperature of light and the different genres. A lot for 5 weeks of shooting! First week we touched upon the different types... Read The Rest →

Oh, it’s May already?


Wahey, and so it is May! With full time work and back to Uni, it’s been a forever struggle to balance both. At some point, I’ve also got to fit in some time for life! Some highlights since the last update: Studying Camera Craft 2 at the¬†Australian Centre of Photography¬†– beginning to get formal training so I can begin my own studio work. Definitely interested in taking up lighting and assistant work next. Bought my first car! A friend named him Gulliver, after Gulliver’s Travels. A vehicle for a little... Read The Rest →

When Will the Canon MK III be Launched?

This is the question on most Canon fanboi’s lips. Speculation from Canon Rumors predicts this week to be coming of the Canon 5D MKIII. The camera model was originally predicted for late 2011, then late February. New images from the Canon Rumors site show stage sets with Canon branding, as well as a shoddy photoshopped invite to a Canon event (seriously, check out the lens flare): As this has been constantly predicted time and time again, I won’t be holding my breath tomorrow. I tried cheekily to see if they... Read The Rest →

Dicapac SLR Underwater Case Review and Handy Tips

After a year or two of hesitation, I finally took my SLR underwater using the Dicapac SLR Underwater case. It had been trialled and tested in bathroom conditions, but taking it into the ocean with a higher amount of pressure and depth was going to take more courage. Dicapac Review (WP-S10) Underwater Protection: 5/5 for 5m max depth Ease of Use: 3/5 Access to Camera Options and Zoom: 3/5 Overall Rating: 3/5 Tips for using the Dicapac Underwater Case Test your case! – Don’t put your camera into your case... Read The Rest →

Photography Resolution Ideas for the New Year

Even though there are 365 or so days to begin your photography adventures, there is, like exercise, never a better time to set yourself some photography goals than a new year. Project 365 Document your year with a photo per day! Taking a photo a day also encourages you to find inspiration in your day to day life. You can beef up this resolution by setting yourself themes: e.g., a month of macro, a month of black and white, a month of film, a month of instant photos. Some of... Read The Rest →

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