Coloured Dye Photography


My short attempt at a Project 366 this year (ended due to being an insatiable photographer) did yield some fun images. To photograph coloured ink, I used coloured food dye and an eye dropper and shot with a macro lens. It really only took a drop or two for a dramatic colour to appear. For the swirling smoke effect, stir the liquid prior to adding the drop of dye. Some of the Definitely want to shoot more coloured dye photography in the future. Was fun and not as messy as... Read The Rest →

Miniature Photography Series – Part Two

Not even a day has passed and I’m hooked on shooting little people!¬†Miniature series Part One¬†established the setting of spring, a prelude to the summer to come. The Little People are getting at one with nature, stripping down and enjoying all that nature has to give. The more I shoot them, the more i find that they’re developing characters of their own. One day I might wake up to them standing over my face, and I won’t know what to do. Nude Miniatures Sunday brought on another gorgeous day in... Read The Rest →

Miniature Photography Series – Deers and Nudes

Miniature Photography - Black and White Nudes

My inspiration for a miniature photography series derives from Carl Warners amazing foodscapes and miniature images. These images were shot with my Canon 350D, 50mm lens – no further tilt shift/blurring was used.   Where do you get miniature figurines from? If you’ve love to get your own series started, you can find miniature people and sets from HobbyCo (for Sydneysiders). Elsewhere, any hobby type store that sells train sets or model aeroplanes. Sadly, I shot this in the afternoon and natural light rapidly. The good news is though, that... Read The Rest →

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