Accidental Rewind

June 28th, 2011 by

My grandfathers camera has a shutter problem where if the shutter speed is too slow for the amount of light, it will remain open. Not knowing if I had a shot or not, I re-wound the film. I still lost 13 shots out of 36 to darkness.

Film: Kodak Portra 400 35mm
Camera: Pentax Asahi

Paula Lay is Sydney born and bred photographer and digital native. As an Arts/Communications graduate, her work has been featured on WordPress.Com and, and she regularly provides her images to be used for promotion while licensed under Creative Commons.

Her side projects include miniature photography and starting up Pup and Panda on Etsy. Why she wrote this in third person is still unknown.

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  • I have taken notice that in cameras, special receptors help to aim automatically. These sensors of some camcorders change in in the area of contrast, while others make use of a beam associated with infra-red (IR) light, specially in low lumination. Higher standards cameras from time to time use a blend of both devices and may have Face Priority AF where the video camera can ‘See’ a face while keeping your focus only in that. Thank you for sharing your ideas on this weblog.

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