Black and White Film Photography – August

August 28th, 2011 by

Camera: Pentax Asahi
Film: 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus 400

Had the pleasure of being given some expired rolls of Ilford Film from a friend. Everything turned out, any errors were on my part (slow shutter causing the double exposures). If you’re in an experimental mode of shooting, I definitely recommend using expired film. It’s not quality you’re after at the moment, you could just want to be testing out a new vintage camera that you’ve just bought, experimenting with light or manual techniques you’ve read about. Sometimes it’s the flaws of film that make an image just that little bit more… special.

These images were shot this month and part of July. Mix of a friends birthday and Sydney CBD.

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Alex shot on Film Alex crossing the road on Film Alex crossing the road on Film Take the Blue Pill Homophobic Slurs wiped out Central and Pyrmont Double Exposure Subway in Sydney Subway in Sydney, Part 2 Subway in Sydney, Part 3 Miss L, Lunch @ Bungalow 8 A mistake on film Mussels at Bungalow 8 Scary man shaving Portrait of Nick Pyrmont, slow shutter issue Railway Square Sydney on Film Remote Sculpture by Will Coles, Pitt St, Sydney Shots at Bungalow 8 Starbucks, Sydney Sydney Harbour Bridge on Film T & A at Bungalow 8 Trees Twisted Trees of Hyde Park, Sydney

Paula Lay is Sydney born and bred photographer and digital native. As an Arts/Communications graduate, her work has been featured on WordPress.Com and, and she regularly provides her images to be used for promotion while licensed under Creative Commons.

Her side projects include miniature photography and starting up Pup and Panda on Etsy. Why she wrote this in third person is still unknown.

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