Coloured Dye Photography

September 18th, 2012 by Paula Lay

My short attempt at a Project 366 this year (ended due to being an insatiable photographer) did yield some fun images. To photograph coloured ink, I used coloured food dye and an eye dropper and shot with a macro lens. It really only took a drop or two for a dramatic colour to appear. For the swirling smoke effect, stir the liquid prior to adding the drop of dye. Some of the

Definitely want to shoot more coloured dye photography in the future. Was fun and not as messy as I originally though it would be.

Born and bred in Sydney, Paula is a Content Producer by day, and Internet Communications undergrad by night. Her side projects include photography odd jobs and starting up Pup and Panda on Etsy. Why she wrote this in third person is still unknown.

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