Miniature Photography Series – Deers and Nudes

September 4th, 2011 by

My inspiration for a miniature photography series derives from Carl Warners amazing foodscapes and miniature images.

These images were shot with my Canon 350D, 50mm lens – no further tilt shift/blurring was used.

Miniature Photography - Nudes

A Close Shave

Miniature photography - nude couple

Couple enjoying Sydney's warm spring weather

Miniature Photography - Lovers on the Beach

Summer Lovin'. {This image was over-exposed, creating a summer heat wave look!}

Miniature Photography - Nude Convention

Getting the last of today's sunshine

Miniature Photography - Black and White Nudes

Meeting Friends

Miniature Photography - Deer

Shaved Deer


Where do you get miniature figurines from?

If you’ve love to get your own series started, you can find miniature people and sets from HobbyCo (for Sydneysiders). Elsewhere, any hobby type store that sells train sets or model aeroplanes.

Sadly, I shot this in the afternoon and natural light rapidly. The good news is though, that the sun rises every day! More to come, including images shot on Black and White Lucky film and hand processed at home (neg’s only).

Would love to hear feedback :)

xo P

Paula Lay is Sydney born and bred photographer and digital native. As an Arts/Communications graduate, her work has been featured on WordPress.Com and, and she regularly provides her images to be used for promotion while licensed under Creative Commons.

Her side projects include miniature photography and starting up Pup and Panda on Etsy. Why she wrote this in third person is still unknown.

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