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EBay has been hit and miss with me in the past few months. The downsides of purchasing photography gear and resources from sellers overseas is the miscommunication, lack of effort from the seller once a good is paid for and receiving incorrect products.

I’ve since been avoiding sellers and opting to purchase from local stores, whether it be eBay or an Australian online retailer. The communication is next day, and the shipping usually within a week from purchase. Sure you may have to pay a few more dollars, but the cost of time wasted due to miscommunication is dearer.

I recently bought a studio light box kit from eBay seller hypop who allowed me to hold down a product I had wanted for a month, and when I had purchased it, sent it within two working days! The kit features a fold-able light box (various sizes, I bought the 90×90), four backgrounds, two studio lights and bulbs (reflector lamp heads/ bulbs @ 5400K Kelvin Colour Temperature) and a nifty carry case, all for $149.

I’ve played around with the lights, and experimented with some of the snaps post production (click on the images to see the larger version):

Robot shot in Light Box

Robot shot in Light Box

Guitar Explosion

Rock Guitar shot for Canon Photo 5 Competition

The second shot was composed of two exposures. The exploding powder (flour) was shot in the lightbox with a black background using a macro lens. A cup and sandwich bag was used to invert the powder at speed – f2.5; 1/1000 sec.


If you’re interested in light box photography, there are loads of videos to help on YouTube. Here are some handy light box photography video tutorials to help you get started:

Happy snapping!


Paula Lay is Sydney born and bred photographer and digital native. As an Arts/Communications graduate, her work has been featured on WordPress.Com and, and she regularly provides her images to be used for promotion while licensed under Creative Commons. Her side projects include miniature photography and starting up Pup and Panda on Etsy. Why she wrote this in third person is still unknown. Her motto? Play, Create, Share.

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